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What Is Bail Reform?

Bail Reform is a movement to change the criminal justice system and its approach to using ‘cash bail’ (bail bonds) as an instrument to ensure a defendant appears to all of his/her court dates. Many bail reformers believe that we should abolish [...]

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How Do Judges Set Bail Amounts?

Judges adhere to standard practices when setting bail amounts. However, they have the power to raise or lower the standard bail amounts, waive bail altogether, and grant release of a defendant. The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that the bail amount [...]

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Can Bitcoin Be Used to Post Bail?

It's a scenario that could only come up in the 21st century: the debate over whether someone can post bail with cryptocurrency. In a much-debated California case in 2018, the initial answer was yes. However, the courts backpedaled, deciding that posting bail with [...]

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What is a Bail Bond Agreement?

When someone is arrested by the police and taken to jail, they can use a bail bond to secure their release until their court date. Though that part of the process may seem simple, everyone should understand what's included in their bail bond [...]

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How Does Collateral Work?

Bail bond collateral is sometimes required by the bail agent or bail bond company to secure the bond and ensure the defendant’s appearance in court. Collateral can be anything considered “of value” that a defendant pledges to secure the bond, such as cash, [...]

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