One of the advantages of the United States legal system is that, in certain cases, the defendant is allowed to walk free until their trial. Individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty, in order to help prevent innocent people from being held. However, while there are certain aspects of life defendants are free to enjoy before their trial, other activities should be avoided to prevent the loss of bail money and further legal trouble.

What to Do While on Bail

Individuals awaiting their trial date are encouraged to spend quality time with their families. Not only does it help keep spirits up and limit the possibility of further trouble, but—depending on the types of charges they’re facing—the defendant may soon be separated from loved ones for an extended period of time. Maintaining work schedules is also wise, as it’s important to continue bringing in an income. Doing this also shows the court that the defendant is a productive member of society, which can be helpful during trial. In many cases, traveling is allowed, but those awaiting trial should be sure to bring it up with their bail bond agent and attorney before making any plans.

Things That Should Never Be Done While Out on Bail

It’s critical that the defendant stays away from any people or situations that might lead to trouble. Another arrest could be disastrous, both to their financial status and their court proceedings. Participating in illegal activities is obviously discouraged, as even the smallest infractions can have a greater impact on charges and sentencing when re-arrest and prior offenses are also considered. Caution should be taken when participating in social activities while awaiting trial. Finally, the defendant should never, under any circumstances, miss or be tardy for court dates. Even being a few minutes late is cause for possible contempt of court charges, and missing court altogether can lead to a warrant for arrest.

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