Bail Reform is a movement to change the criminal justice system and its approach to using ‘cash bail’ (bail bonds) as an instrument to ensure a defendant appears to all of his/her court dates. Many bail reformers believe that we should abolish bail bonds as an option for judges to release a defendant from custody pending trial. Bail reformers believe only defendants deemed as highly violent should be incarcerated pending trial and all others should be booked and released on their own ‘promise’ to appear in court.

A-Affordable Bail Bonds believes that improvements in the criminal justice system is always possible and desired. We feel that providing avenues to assist those with mental health issues and drug addictions is paramount to improving our criminal justice system. We also believe that judges should have all tools available to their disposal, including reasonable bail, to ensure that the criminal justice system works properly and victims of crime can feel reasonably assured that accused defendants will appear for court when called.

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