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September 19, 2022 – PBT Bail Post: Episode 19: You Can Believe Your “Lying Eyes” on Misdemeanor Bail Reform in Harris County Texas

September 21, 2022 – Harris County Cowers in Fear from what PBT has Uncovered

Harris County Court Watch Website:  Tracking the Truth

Bail Reform: Challenges and Answers
Is bail reform responsible for rising crime in Harris County? Harris County DA Kim Ogg has suggested as much. Rania Mankarious, CEO of Crime Stoppers of Houston, says the current system is clearly not working and sounded the alarm years ago when she said “the direction we’re going is going to create chaos in our city and crime is going to go up.

Houston Prosecutor Kim Ogg Unloads on Bail Reform, Supported Legislative Move to Tighten Down on Release on Free Personal Bonds
Continuing moves toward bail reform are still occurring, which are quite similar to Houston, Texas, where, in the name of the protecting the poor, hardened repeat criminals now slip through the cracks, get zero bails and repeat zero bails and go on to commit a variety of atrocities.
American Bail Coalition

Harris County Bail Reform Needs to be Reformed

In Harris County, Texas, bail reform has led to violent criminals getting out on low bail or bond, and committing more violent crimes. This was the reform that was put into action a year ago. This came after Democrats swept the county judicial elections in 2018. Long time bail bondsman John Burns says pre-trial release bonds are one issue; General Order Bonds are another.