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Bail Bonds Increase Compliance

Bail Reform|

I have been hearing the proponents of bail reform/elimination float the argument that requiring a monetary bail amount to secure the release of an accused defendant does nothing to increase the probability that a person will appear in court or comply with court orders. [...]

Bail and the Criminal Justice System

Bail Reform|

While I agree that the state’s criminal justice system always has room for improvement, I do believe in our current criminal justice system. The structure and framework has been tested over time as the most effective. The Judges we elect are knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate to [...]

Considerations for Bail Bond Co-Signers

Bail Bonds|

Bail bond co-signers usually sign a promissory note, obliging them to pay the bond amount if the defendant fails to appear in court. Family members or friends often need to co-sign bail bonds to help someone to get out of jail. Here are considerations to [...]

What Is Bail Reform?

Posting Bail|

Bail Reform is a movement to change the criminal justice system and its approach to using ‘cash bail’ (bail bonds) as an instrument to ensure a defendant appears to all of his/her court dates. Many bail reformers believe that we should abolish bail bonds [...]


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