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‘Woke’ bail reforms free 90 murder suspects in Chicago
Bail reforms that have been labelled “woke” resulted in 90 people accused of murder being let out in Chicago. The 90 accused will wear electronic ankle monitors, but Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart told CBS he isn’t pleased with the move because of its potential impact on the community.

Op-Ed: Broken legislative system forgets about residents, crime victims
I was one of the likely three people who actually watched the show hearings in the Illinois House during lame-duck session regarding eliminating bail and most forms of pretrial detention.
The Center Square

Opinion: Bail reform surrendering to vigilante justice
Ken W. Good writes: The concept of accountability has been ingrained into almost every part of our society. The examples are numerous — a child may be put into time-out for misbehaving, a student sent to the principal for a violation of rules, and a driver may be given a ticket as a consequence of speeding.
My Journal Courier

Illinois cash bail reforms make the public less safe
State Sen. Elgie Sims, who sponsored legislation to end cash bail and make it more difficult for judges to hold defendants in jail, was the victim of an apparent road rage crime involving an armed suspect in Springfield last week. In a recent interview with Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller, Sen. Sims said that he was “a little pissed off that [the suspect]” was no longer in jail.
The State-Journal Register

Soros, Kass, liberal prosecutors, and the battle for transparency
Real Clear Politics

In the first six months of this year, 329 people were killed in Chicago, most of them by firearms, only three at the hands of police. This death toll was a 34% increase over the first half of 2019. In one 24-hour span – May 31, 2020 – 18 Chicagoans lost their lives. According to the University of Chicago Crime Lab, it was the city’s single most violent day since it began collecting crime data in 1961.

‘Criminal Justice Reform’ Traced to Seven Horrific Chicago Crimes in the Last 60 Days
The Truth About Guns

An 18-year-old felon out on $200 bail for attacking police officers (allegedly) shot his Michigan State University girlfriend in the face with a handgun, killing her. Cops say another man also free on $200 bail emptied his illegally possessed revolver into another man, killing him. Then there’s the 19-year-old out on $500 for having a loaded rifle, drugs and a revoked license. He later reportedly killed a nurse he mistook as a rival gang member.

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