News: Missouri Bail Reform

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Meet Kimberly Gardner, the rogue prosecutor whose policies are wreaking havoc in St. Louis

Kimberly Gardner, the beleaguered rogue prosecutor (called the “circuit attorney”) for the city of St. Louis, Missouri, has made a national name for herself. Unfortunately, as we demonstrate below, her national reputation comes from her radical pro-criminal, anti-victim policies and a series of high-profile missteps she has made. Like many other rogue prosecutors around the country, she was swept into office by winning her 2016 election with a wave of money from George Soros and tech billionaire-funded entities, who again contributed heavily to help her win reelection in 2020.
Daily Signal

Lawmakers Hold Hearing on Canceling Bail Rules

Missouri lawmakers are maneuvering to potentially cancel bail rules that have been in place for less than a year. The rules were established by the Missouri Supreme Court, but not endorsed by the legislative or executive branch.