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What is a Surety Bond?

A surety bond is an agreement made between a person and a bondsman. In the State of Washington, a bail bondsman, bondsperson, bail agent, and bond agent are all names used for a person who is licensed by the Washington Department of [...]

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What is a Bail Bond Agreement?

When someone is arrested by the police and taken to jail, they can use a bail bond to secure their release until their court date. Though that part of the process may seem simple, everyone should understand what's included in their bail bond [...]

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How Does Collateral Work?

Bail bond collateral is sometimes required by the bail agent or bail bond company to secure the bond and ensure the defendant’s appearance in court. Collateral can be anything considered “of value” that a defendant pledges to secure the bond, such as cash, [...]

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Cash Bonds vs. Bail Bonds

After someone has been arrested and held in jail, a judge sets their bail amount. This determines how much money will need to be paid for them to be released from prison until their court date. If this is your first time bailing [...]

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Who Can Post Bail?

When a family member or friend gets taken to jail, it can be overwhelming, regardless of the circumstances. After an arrest, many people wonder if there are restrictions on who can secure a bail bond and post bail. Below is a more in-depth [...]

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How to Get Someone Out of Jail

After a family member or friend has been arrested, you should act quickly when securing a bail bond to help ensure they don’t spend any unnecessary time behind bars. To help you understand the bail process, here are the steps you need to [...]

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