After a relative or loved one is arrested and booked in jail, a judge determines the bail amount. This is the amount of money that needs to be paid for the person behind bars to be released back into society before their court date. If this is your first time having to help someone get bailed out of jail, you might not know the difference between cash bonds and bail bonds. Our helpful bail bond agents are here to guide you through the process starting with your decision between paying the full amount or turning to us to get a bail bond.

Cash Bonds

Paying the full amount of the bail to the court or jail is often referred to as a cash bond. However, there are some risks when you pay the total amount such as you might not get the full amount back, and if you do it will not be until the case is done. Some fees are taken out of the amount too, so when you do get your money back, you will not get the entire amount you paid. Not many people are able to afford to pay the full amount of the bail either.

Bail Bonds

When you need assistance getting someone out of jail, you can turn to A-Affordable Bail Bonds for help. To secure a bail bond, you only need to pay 10% of the bail amount, and our team will take handle the rest. There are different types of bail bonds, and some allow you to put up property as collateral.

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