When someone gets taken to jail, their arrest often affects their family just as much as it affects them. It’s usually up to their loved ones to post bail so that they can come home instead of sitting in a jail cell. However, spending time with their family isn’t the only reason people need bail bonds.

The Full Bail Amount Is Too Expensive

Judges typically use the severity of the charges to decide how high to set the bail amount. For many crimes, bail is set at an amount that’s higher than the defendant’s family and friends can afford. Bail bonds allow people to pay only a percentage of the total bail amount, which frees up more money to pay for legal fees and household expenses.

Preparing for Court

People often use the time leading up to their hearing to prepare for court by finding an attorney and working with them to build their defense. Being stuck in a jail cell makes it more difficult to participate in hiring an attorney. It’s not impossible, but being able to go to a lawyer’s office and speak to them in person makes the process easier.

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