When a loved one is arrested, you may want to post bail on their behalf to ensure their timely release. Doing this will allow a loved one to take care of their responsibilities, such as work, family, and preparing for court. While there’s no way to tell exactly how long it will take for the person to be released after bail is posted, there are some specific factors that determine their time of release.

What Was The Day and Time of Arrest?

First, consider the day of the week and time of day that the person was arrested. Before they can be released, the individual must go before a judge to have their bail amount set. As court proceedings only take place on weekdays during business hours, those who are arrested at night or on the weekend may have to wait up to two days to see a judge. If the person was arrested during the day, this process often goes much quicker.

When Can You Make an Appearance at a Bail Hearing?

When the individual can appear for their bail hearing depends on the workload at the jail. In some cases, the facility is unusually busy, so it takes much longer for the judge to get through the bail-hearing list. During less busy times, the wait will be much shorter. The judge will take a few considerations into account when determining bail amount, including the severity of the crime, the person’s criminal history, and the risk that they will flee before their next court appearance.

When Is Bail Posted?

The final factor that determines how long it takes to be released from jail is when the bail is posted. Again, whether or not the jail is busy plays a significant role in the time of release. Even after a person’s bail is posted, it can take several hours for their release if the jail is processing many other releases at the same time. For this reason, you should call a trusted bail bond agency right away to begin the process as quickly as possible.

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