An appeal bond, also known as a “supersedeas bond,” is a type of surety bond that a court requires from a defendant who wants to delay payment of a judgment until the appeal is over. These bonds allow the defendant to stay out of jail until the appeal process is completed. The RCW about an Appeal for the State of Washington is described in legal terms in RCW 10.73.040.

What Is a Bail Pending Appeal?

For all criminal actions—except capital cases in which the proof of guilt is clear—in order for an appeal to be taken for a judgment, the court in which the decision was rendered must fix and determine the amount of bail required of the appellant by an order entered in the journal or filed with the clerk. The appellant will then be committed to that bond in that sum executed on his or her behalf by at least two sureties possessing the qualifications required for sureties on appeal bonds.

These bonds are conditioned so that the appellant must appear whenever needed, and abide by the judgment or orders of the appellate court, and any judgment and order of the superior court that may be rendered thereof. If the appellant is already at large on bail, his or her sureties then become liable to the bond amount, in the same manner and conditions as if they had executed the bond prescribed by this section. The court can also require a new bond in a more substantial amount or with new sureties, and may commit the appellant until he or she complies with the order.

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