When someone you know gets arrested and taken to jail, you might not know what to do next or how to post bail to secure their release. To give you an outline of what to expect, here’s a quick breakdown of the bail bond process.

After They’re Booked

Once someone is arrested, you have to wait for them to be booked into the system at the jail. Then, you will need their inmate number and the jail where they are being held to secure the bond for their release.

Setting Bail Amount

After they are entered into the system, a judge determines how high to set their bail, which is the amount that needs to be paid before they can be released. Regardless of whether you choose to pay the bail in full with cash or get help from a bail bond agent, you will need to contact the court or jail to find out the bail amount.

Contact a Bail Bond Agent

The final step in the bail bond process is reaching out to a trusted bail bondsman for assistance. If you need a bail bond at any jail in Washington State, you can count the licensed agents at A-Affordable Bail Bonds to help you determine which bond is right for your circumstances. If you need help posting bail for a loved one, call our office at 1-888-695-8950 or contact us online.


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