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A-Affordable Bail Bonds Most Wanted list consists of the names and photos of defendants that have not fulfilled their obligation to show up to court on the date specified by the court.  Once the bail is posted for their release from custody, the defendant is obligated to show up to court. If the defendant fails to appear in court and does not contact us or respond to us trying to contact them, they may end up on our Most Wanted list.

As a company, we would rather help our clients that miss a court date fix the issue with the courts. By the client not going to court it puts the courts, their cosigner, the bail bond company, and most importantly themselves at risk.

(Keep in mind that we are willing to help our clients, but only if they are cooperative with us, meaning that they would like our help.

Subjects shown and listed herein are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. A-Affordable Bail Bonds assumes no responsibility for the use or misuse of the information herein and disclaims any liability concerning it. Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All information was believed to be accurate at the time of posting.


jiles michael

Jiles Michels
DOB 09/09/1977
Missed court on 5/17/18 Garfield Superior court

Tyler Straub

Tyler Straub
DoB 03/27/1990
Missed court April 19 2018
Benton superior

raymond atchison

Raymond Atchison
DOB 12/10/1977
Missed court 7/11/18
Evergreen District

Tyler Shager DOB 06/28/1991 Missed court 02/12/2018 Issaquah District court


Jentry Elliot

Jentry Elliot
DOB 05/02/1988
Clark dist
Missed court 06/14/18

        Mikayla Garza                     DOB 3/3/1995 Missed Court 8/6/2018  Franklin muni



Devon Tooley
DOB 11/04/1985
Cowlitz dist

Adam Pope                   Dob 2/12/1991                 Missed court 7/18/2018 Cascade Dist court