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Why Do I need a Bondsman?

The more you know about the bail bond process, the more you will understand about the part a bondsman plays in the release of a loved one from jail. For those who are unsure why a bail bondsman is needed to get someone out of jail, keep reading below to find out.Bail Bonds Seattle WA

Many people do not understand that when a bail amount is determined by the courts and judge, it is usually a high amount that needs to be paid in order for the person behind bars to be released before their court date. With the bail amount being a high dollar amount, most people are unable to pay cash for it. When you are unable to pay for bail with cash, you will need to turn to a bondsman to secure a bail bond. Here at A-Affordable Bail Bonds, you only have to pay 10% of the bail amount to obtain a bail bond for your loved one. Typically 10% is more affordable than the full amount the courts are asking.

Now that you are aware of the essential role a bondsman plays in helping you get a loved one out of jail, you will know to turn to our team the next time you need bail bonds in Seattle, WA. Call our team at (888) 695-8950 to speak with one of our staff members.

Information You Need to Have Before Securing a Bail Bond

When a family member is arrested, you want to secure a bail bond as quickly as possible to ensure they can come home right away. Before contacting a bondsman, you need to gather some information to bring your loved one home. Take a look at the short list below to double check that you have all the information you need to secure bail bonds in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas.Bail Bonds Seattle WA

Name & Location of Jail

To make sure everything is accurate for the bail bond, you need the name and location of the jail where your loved one is being held.

Name of the Individual Incarcerated

We need this information to verify that the bail bond is for the right individual.

Booking Number for the One Arrested

The booking number is another piece of information that helps identify the right person.

Amount of Jail Bond

This will help us determine the which bail bond you need and ensure that it is the right amount, so they can come home.

Reach out to one of our agents right now by calling 1-888-695-8950 with all of the information listed above when you need to secure bail bonds in Seattle, WA, or another surrounding community.