Whitman County Jail
Colfax, Washington

This post provides Information about the Whitman County Jail A-Affordable Bail Bonds provides bail bonding service throughout the State of Washington.  If you need help with a bail bond, please give us a call at 888-695-8950.

The Whitman County Jail in Colfax, Washington is a smaller jail, they have very quick release times, and most importantly, a very professional and courteous staff.  If you need help bailing out an inmate at the Whitman County Jail, please call A-Affordable Bail Bonds at 888-695-8950 and we will be glad to answer all of your questions and help you get your family or friend out of the Whitman County Jail.

Below is some helpful information about the Whitman County Jail & Whitman County Courts:

Visit our Jail Locator – Washington State!

Jail Visitation
Visitation is every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
4:00 pm is the latest we allow someone into visiting.

Whitman County Sheriff’s Office Physical & Mailing Address
411 N. Mill Street
Colfax WA 99111
Phone: 509-397-5585 for bail and charges about an inmate.509-397-6266
Fax: (509) 397-209

Here is a note from the Whitman County Jail concerning posting bail for an inmate. 

  1. Bonds and Bails are the way courts ensure suspects come to court and deal with the charges at hand. If the Judge sets a bond or a bail on someone, you have the right to bond or bail him/her out of jail.  Bonding or Bailing an inmate out of jail is fairly easy to do.
  2. If an Officer tells you the charge is “Cash Bail Only”, that means you can not use a bondsman.
  3. When you bail someone out, without a bail bondsman, you will pay the full amount. Whitman County Jail does not accept personal checks. It must be cash, credit card, or certified check.
  4. If you decide to bond someone out of jail, you need to contact a Bail Bondsman . You can look in   the phone book under “Bonds”. A bondsman will require a payment for their services. They will need to know the charges and bond amounts for the person you are bonding out of jail.

How do I find my court date or an inmate’s court date?

There are a couple of different options for finding an inmates court date, they are listed below:

  • If you have the case number you can go to the following website for the Washington Courts.
  • Call A-Affordable Bail Bonds and ask for Brenda, our court administrator, she can find out any information you might need concerning your court dates and case.  888-695-8950.
  • Call the Whitman County Superior Court 509-427-3765 or the Whitman County District Court 509-427-3780.

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