What is Released on Own Recognizance?

What is Released on Own Recognizance?  A defendant is released on own recognizance from jail on the promise that he or she will appear for all scheduled court appearances, without posting bail. This term is also referred to as, “ROR,” Release on own Recognizance. It is most commonly referred to as “PR” Personal Recognizance. In order to determine a defendant’s eligibility for  being released on own recognizance (ROR) or PR, a court administrator or judge will typically interview the defendant while in custody, and a recommendation is made to the court.

When a defendant is released on own recognizance (ROR) or PR, they are still required to appear for their court dates in accordance with the charges that have been levied against them.  If they show up to those court appearances, while being released on own recognizance, then they will not have to post bail on those charges.  If they do not show up for any of those court dates, a warrant will be issued by the court for them to be arrested and brought to jail.  Once they are brought to jail, a bail will be set for them, and normally a new charge of “bail jumping” will be added to their original charge.  This will increase their bail and make it harder for them to bail out of jail.  If the defendant knows that a warrant has been issued for them, and they haven’t been arrested, they can contact a bail bond company to arrange a bond to be posted for them “out of custody” in order to avoid being arrested and put in jail, which is called “quashing a warrant.”  Each county and each jail has different rules and regulations pertaining to posting “out of custody” bonds.

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