Attorney Links

Attorney Links

Obtaining a bail bond through A-Affordable Bail Bonds is your first step in getting and maintaining your Freedom. You will need to gather all of the information you need for your court case and obtain a great attorney to represent you.  A-Affordable Bail Bonds has, over the years, created strong working relationships with some of the best Criminal Defense Attorneys available throughout the State of Washington. Below you will find a list of these attorney links to help you obtain the best possible defense for your case.

You must, if you want the best possible outcome for your case,  pay for a good Criminal Defense Lawyer.

If you want the best Defense Attorney, then have a look at some of the attorneys on this page, give one or more of them a call, tell them that you heard about them from A-Affordable Bail Bonds and ask for your FREE 30 minute consultation.  While the list is being updated you can call our office for a free attorney  referral, 360-699-3100. Or you can look at the list below of the attorney links we have built relationships with over the years. The Attorneys are listed in order by the County they conduct business.

Call Now  888-695-8950 or 360-699-3100 for a Free Attorney Referral

Adams County:
Scott Hill: 509-326-6095
Bill Baker: 509-327-7567

Asotin County:
Scott Hill: 509-326-6095
Bill Baker: 509-327-7567

Benton County:
Matt Rutt: 509-943-7000
Bill McCool: 509-525-2630
James Morgan: 360-425-3091

Chelan County:
Jeremy Ford: 509-663-2444
Saul Renderfrance: 509-662-6139
John Brangwin: 509-663-3915

Clallam County:
John Black: 360-452-4533
John Hynson: 360-344-4312

Clark County:
Steve Thayer: 360-694-8290
Wheeler, Montgomery, Sleight & Boyd Law Offices: 360-690-0064
Matthew Philbrook: 360-695-3309
Elizabeth Christy: 360-695-2005
Michael Green: 360-213-0309
Clayton Spencer: 360-896-7477

Columbia County:
Markeeta Littlewolf: 509-337-6643

Cowlitz County:
Steve Thayer: 360-694-8290
James Morgan: 360-425-3091

Ferry County: 
Steve Graham: 509-775-0515

Franklin County:
Matt Rutt: 509-943-7000
Bill McCool: 509-525-2630

Garfield County:
Markeeta Littlewolf: 509-337-6643

Grays Harbor County:
Robert Ehrhardt: 360-249-3431

Grant County:
Garth Dano: 509-764-9900
Robert Schiffner: 509-750-2212

Island County:
Charles Arndt: 360-678-0259

Jefferson County:
Robert Ehrhardt: 360-249-3431

Kittitas County:
Mark Anthony Chmelewski: 509-933-1529

King County:
Ted C. Barr: 425-462-4224
John Hynson: 360-344-4312

Kitsap County:
Hemstreet Law: 360-623-1070

Klickitat County:
Rick Hansen: 509-773-5857

Lewis County:
Donald Alan Blair: 360-623-1070

Lincoln County:
Melvin Day Holt: 509-725-4040

Mason County:
Don Taylor: 360-357-5566

Okanogan County:
Michael Rothman: 360-267-8361

Pacific County:
Michael Rothman: 360-267-8361

Pend O’reille County:
Thomas Metzger: 509-447-4414

San Juan County:
Charles Silverman: 360-378-4101

Skagit County:
Brian Sullivan: 425-322-1076

Skamania County:
Randall King: 509-427-5721

Snohomish County:
Bob Alexander: 425-259-3143
Aaron Shields: 425-258-6846
Jill Auckland: 425-259-5000
Rick Merrill: 425-259-4972
Steven Ashlock: 425-258-6751

Spokane County:
Scott Richard Hill: 509-326-6095
Bill Baker: 509-327-7567

Stevens County:
Lorinda Noble: 509-685-0197

Thurston County:
Sharon Chirichillo: 360-943-8999

Wahkiakum County:
Frederick Johnson: 360-795-3331

Walla Walla County:
William McCool: 509-525-2630

Whatcom County:
Aaron Lukoff: 360-647-5251

Whitman County:
Luke Baumgarten: 509-339-7102

Yakima County:
Kathleen Hitchcock: 509-972-8100